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Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

Quick Tips for Carpet Stain Removal

Depending on what sort of stain you have and what fabric your carpet is the easiest and best way to remove a new stain is with a bit of warm water and a chemical free dishwashing liquid soap. A bit on a damp towel or paper towel will help reduce, lessen or even remove the stain. Try not to use a lot of dish soap. A drop goes a long way.

Allergy Control Brooklyn

The Simple Solution to Reducing In Home Allergens

The Simple Solution to Reducing In Home Allergens Have your rugs and carpets cleaned yearly, if you are able to. In between cleaning keep an air purifier constantly running in the high allergy months. Close windows in high pollen days and make sure when they are open to have screens. Screen will greatly reduce the allergen.

Commercial Cleaning  Brooklyn

When To Have Your Commercial Carpets Cleaned

Commercial Carpet, Rug and Upholstery should be cleaned once a year. You may not smell a particular odor from use but your clients will. A clean office reflects highly on your business. Cleaning deep into the fibers will almost guarantee amazing results.

Area Rug Cleaning Brooklyn

How To Take Care Of A Shag Rug

Done misconception about a Shag rug is that it is ok to have professional cleaning done in the home. Because Shag rugs are “hairy” and “fluffy” they must be soak, steamed and heat dried. You cannot get that sort of cleaning with an in home cleaning. Use a hand tool when vacuuming your Shag rug. Do not vacuum over it. This may pull fibers out. Light blotting with help with small stains. Do not put the stains off. Wipe off.

Draprey Cleaning Brooklyn

How to Choose The Right Drapery Cleaning

It’s all about color and your style. A living room is usually larger than most other rooms you may want a grand window covering like a lined drape. Bedrooms are usually the “cozy room” so you many want to choose something lighter and easy to maneuver. If pricing is a big part of your decision but you still want a beautiful window treatment, try a pleated shade, roman shade or balloon shade. They are less expensive and a synch to handle.